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Faculty Of The Year Award

The College of Medicine has announced a new annual departmental Faculty of the Year award. This is an opportunity for each department to acknowledge a faculty member for clinical, teaching, and research activities and allows the College to recognize our many outstanding faculty members.

Dr. Jonathan Art is the Anatomy & Cell Biology faculty of the year.

In 2008, Dr. Art became the director of our Medical Cell & Tissue Biology course for the M1 year of medical school. Ordinarily, our medical school course directors find this a full-time job, however Dr. Art is also the course director for one of the most important courses taken by all science graduate students at UIC, Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research (GC401), lectures in other courses, participates on innumerable student thesis committees, is an Associate Dean of the Graduate College, and maintains his research program.

Dr. Art was one of the campus leaders in the restructuring of the College of Medicine curriculum to meet requirements established by the LCME accreditation committee, serving as a key advocate for students in this process but never losing sight of the educational goals. Indeed, he was well ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, the Medical Cell & Tissue Biology course was already well advanced in transitioning from a traditional microscope and slide based curriculum to one based on a virtual microscope, complete with 3D focusing accessible to students online at any time. Recognizing the power of active learning strategies, he restructured the course, reduced the number of lectures, reorganized the laboratory sessions to increase peer-to-peer learning and coordinated the content with Medical Gross Anatomy, so that concepts are reinforced.

I should note that in addition to all of Dr. Art's commitments he continues his research program and involves students at many levels in that research. His special expertise is in the role of Ca2+ in hair cell signal transduction. He is also a recognized expert in the biophysics of hearing and was a pioneer in the use of confocal microscopy.

Dr. Art has always been the go-to person if you need to get something done. If you need to consolidate the first year curriculum for the graduate programs in the College of Medicine, you turn to him. If you need to deliver a course on ethics in science that can meet the requirements of NIH training grants, you turn to him. If you want to coordinate the content for Gross Anatomy and Histology in the first year of medical school, you ask him to find a path. If you want to create a viable all-university Graduate Program in Neuroscience, you ask him to shepherd it through the process. If you need a shared instrumentation grant for a Multiphoton Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, you turn to Dr. Art who was a pioneer in the development of methods for confocal microscopy and physiology. The fact that he is consistently the one that people turn to speaks volumes for his contributions.

In summary, Dr. Art is an outstanding educator-scientist at UIC. We all benefit from his efforts, particularly the students. His commitment to excellence and innovation allows UIC and the College of Medicine to offer an exceptional educational experience to our students. Dr. Art makes his fellow teachers more effective and brings out the best in our students. He richly deserves recognition for his contributions and that is why he is the 2014 Anatomy & Cell Biology Faculty of the Year recipient.

-- Dr. Scott Brady, Head Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology

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