SEMINAR Series 2011-12

Anatomy and Cell Biology


Redox regulation of progenitor cell and signaling pathway function in development and disease
Dr. Mark Noble - University of Rochester School of Medicine
September 28, 2011

Pathology in EFAD Transgenic Mice: Combining Human ApoE Isoforms with Over-expression of human Aβ42
Leon Tai, PhD - University of Illinois at Chicago
February 21, 2012

Antiparallel β-sheet conformation is a distinctive signature of oligomeric α-synuclein: In search of common structural features of toxic amyloid oligomers
M. Soledad Celej - Universidad Nacional de C-rdoba
March 2, 2012

Molecular regulation of Wallerian degeneration
Michael Coleman - The Babraham Institute
March 14, 2012

Inhibition and modulation of disease-related protein aggregation from first principles to in vivo models
Gal Bitan - UCLA
March 27, 2012

Monitoring Signal Transduction Events with Designer Affinity Reagents
Brian Kay, Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Chicago
May 1, 2012

A century after: what we have learned about Krabbe disease
Ernesto Bongarzone, Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Chicago
June 12, 2012

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