SEMINAR Series 2014-15

Anatomy and Cell Biology


Cannabinoid CB1R Signaling, Prefrontal GABAergic transmission and Adolescence
Kuei Y Tseng, MD, PhD - The Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University September 8, 2014

Circadian Rhythm and Sleep in Memory Consolidation: Role of Calcium Stimulated Adenylyl Cyclases
Daniel Storm, Ph.D - University of Washington September 23, 2014

Calpain-mediated tau cleavage: a novel mechanism of neurodegeneration in AlzheimerÝs disease and related disorders
Adriana B. Ferreira - Northwestern University October 7, 2014

Molecular mechanisms of glial cell development and myelination
Kelly R. Monk, Ph.D. - Washington University October 22, 2014

he otolith organs of the vestibular inner ear: Driving fast reflexes
Ruth Anne Eatock, PhD - University of Chicago December 2, 2014

Reactive Oxygen Species and Copper as Mediators of Angiogenesis
Masuko Ushio-Fukai, PhD - University of Illinois at Chicago January 13, 2015

Small Quantum Dots for Nanometer Accuracy and Resolution on Living Synapses of Neurons
Paul R. Selvin, PhD - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign January 27, 2015

Exosomes, Environment Enrichment and Neurotherapeutics
Richard P Kraig, MD, PhD - University of Chicago February 10, 2015

Astrocyte Regulation of CNS Demyelination
Stephen J. Crocker, PhD - University of Connecticut School of Medicine April 7, 2015

Adult neurogenesis and learning and memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease
Orly Lazarov, PhD - University of Illinois at Chicago May 5, 2015

Membrane/lipid rafts, Caveolin-1, and Neuroplasticity in the Aged Brain
Brian P. Head, MS, PhD - UC San Diego School of Medicine June 2, 2015

Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors and Downstream Signaling through ERK1/2 MAP Kinase in the Regulation of Myelin Growth and Maintenance
Rashmi Bansal, Ph.D. - University of Connecticut June 16, 2015

Modeling Severe Epileptic Encephalopathies with Patient-Derived Cells
Jack Parent, MD - University of Michigan June 30, 2015

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