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Training Opportunities

The ADRD-TP provides numerous training opportunities for the Awardees, which include but are not limited to:
ADRD-Orientated Seminar Series

For an up to date seminar list, please visit the Anatomy Website.

Career Development Workshop

This workshop series is designed to help you in career planning. This workshop series will guide you through a logical, step-by-step process for exploring your career options, deciding which will provide the best fit for you, and ensuring that milestones for achieving your goal are in place. This series is led by Philip Clifford, PhD, Associate Dean for Research at AHS, UIC, who has been developing strategies for Individual Development Plan (IDP) for almost twenty years. These five 1 ½ hour sessions include: Introduction and self-assessments, Career exploration, Informational interview, Choosing Plan A&B, Goal setting. The dates of the workshop are advertised separately. Lunch is provided. This workshop is available to all graduate students in Anatomy & Cell Biology and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. This workshop series is mandatory for fellows on the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia Training Program (T32) and the Training in the Neuroscience of Mental Health (T32). Additionally, this workshop meets the requirements for IDP planning for all “F” NRSA individual fellowships. If you plan to apply for an NRSA fellowship, you are highly encouraged to attend. NB: Prior to the first session, please create an account at myidp.sciencecareers.org, go through the self-assessment exercises, print out PDFs of your results and bring to class. Please refer any questions to Dr. Lazarov or Dr. Clifford

GH Miller Symposium Day

This annual event is organized by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology in collaboration with the ADRD-TP. It includes 1-2 Keynote speakers, prominent ADRD researchers and student symposium, which provides a platform for ADRD-TP and neuroscience graduate students to practice oral presentation of their research projects. This event takes place in the Spring semester.

Training at Pharma

ADRD-TP awardees are eligible for a rotation and/or a visit at Eli Lilly Internship. Students interested in this unique experience should contact Dr. Lazarov early spring, to allow time for logistics and preparation.


ADRD-TP awardees are required to take NEUS 525 “Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative disease”. In addition, they are eligible for ANAT 530, the online course Making Medicine: The process of Drug Development” that was developed by Eli Lilly. They are also recommended to take CHEM 539 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry: Molecular Medicine.

  • ANAT 530 Making Medicine: The process of Drug Development
  • CHEM 539 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry: Molecular Medicine